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Implementation of Whole Genome Sequencing as Screening in a Diverse Cohort of Healthy Infants (External Link)
The objective of this research protocol is to assess the impacts of genomic sequencing in healthy infants from ethnically and racially diverse communities as part of routine pediatric care. Investigators …
Baylor Role: Collaborator
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Genomic Sequencing for Childhood Risk and Newborn Illness (External Link)
The objective of this research protocol is to conduct a randomized clinical trial to assess the benefits and risks of adding the information from a genomic sequencing report to physician-mediated …
Baylor Role: Collaborator
Genetic Susceptibility to Kidney Cancer (External Link)
This study will further the understanding of the genetic events leading to the development of RCC; explore the genetic basis for genetic instability and how it affects cancer risk; and …
Baylor Role: Lead Sponsor