News from the Baylor Ecosystem

BCM faculty, clinicians, researchers, and staff are advancing medicine and changing the ways we deliver and access care. Here we feature an array of information channels to keep you up to date with the latest advancements from the BCM community, including:

  • Momentum, which spans health news, medical education updates, healthcare, community, and events around BCM
  • From the Labs, which spotlights new and innovative bench science from BCM researchers.
  • The Stitch, which shares the expertise of researchers and clinicians in the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery as well as the voices of patients who have undergone surgery and found healing.
  • PolicyWise, which explores the full spectrum of health and science policy, from public health to emerging biotechnologies.
  • BCM News, which features the headlines-making accomplishments of researchers, faculty, and staff from across BCM.
  • Progress Notes, which shares students' stories from the clinics, their thoughts on medicine and healthcare, and stories from the frontlines of research.
  • BCM Family, which helps you catch up on news from Baylor College of Medicine posted on the BCM Family newsletter online.

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