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Headshot of Sebastian Winocour, M.D., M.Sc., F.A.C.S.
Sebastian Winocour, M.D., M.Sc., F.A.C.S.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

  • Hand Surgery
  • Breast Cancer Reconstruction
  • Microsurgery
Professional Interests
  • Reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery
  • Aesthetic surgery
Headshot of Michael T. Yen, M.D.
Michael T. Yen, M.D.
Professor and The Sarah Campbell Blaffer Chair

  • Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Oculofacial Plastic Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
Professional Interests
  • Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery of the Eyelids and Face
  • Surgery of the Eyelids, Lacrimal System, and Orbit