Enduring Material Activities

Enduring materials are on-demand activities that do not specify a time or location and can be accessible during the designated lifespan of the activity. Examples include recorded presentations, online interactive educational modules, printed articles, and podcasts.

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Planning an Enduring Activity

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General Enduring/On-Demand

  • Recorded faculty presentations
  • Recorded regularly scheduled series sessions
  • Online interactive educational modules
  • Printed articles
  • Podcasts

A published course that does not specify a time or location and can be accessible to learners during the designated term of approval.

Any activity that has been published for the purpose of learner on-demand education. This may include any type of digital Enduring CE activity that learners can access at any convenient time within the designated term of approval. Commonly these are materials that are available via the Web for the learner’s use at their convenience; often these are activities that are recorded and made available for later viewing.

Submitting an Application

  • If the Enduring CE activity will be derived from an established regularly scheduled series (RSS) previously approved by the DCPD:
    • Please see the On-Demand Activities Produced from Live RSSs section below.
  • If the Enduring activity will be a new stand-alone activity or part of a new series of online modules:
    • Submit an application; this will facilitate the planning process by providing the educational elements. Prepare the following key items for the application:
      • Activity Type
      • Activity title
      • Target launch date
      • Activity Director and Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Form(s)
      • List of Planning Committee Members and COI Disclosure Forms
      • A short summary of the content of each activity/module
      • A description of the primary target audience
      • A list of the educational needs of the learners
      • A description of how the overall activity plans to address the educational needs that underlie the professional practice gaps of the learners
      • At least three learning objectives for each proposed activity/module
      • Content in the form of a video file, audio file, written course material, PowerPoint Presentation slides, or other format approved by DCPD
      • Optional: Post-test questions based on the activity/module content

  • The Activity Director who establishes the Planning Committee, spearheads the planning process, and oversees the completion of the activity.
  • The Planning Committee Members (minimum four, including the Activity Director) who are tasked with determining the educational content, format, and learning objectives of the activity under the leadership of the Activity Director.
  • The Presenter(s) who may also serve as the Activity Director and/or a Planning Committee Member, and who is responsible for developing and presenting the educational content as agreed upon by the Planning Committee.

The price for each activity may vary due to activity type and additional add-on services. Contact DCPD to discuss course details and activity quote.

  • Educational grants from companies defined by the ACCME as ineligible must be received and disbursed through the DCPD according to accreditation guidelines and BCM policies and procedures. DCPD will aid in submitting, processing, and managing commercial support for your activity.
  • Agreements with all grantors must be received by the DCPD no later than 10 business days before the activity publication date to facilitate the acknowledgement requirement in the educational materials.

  • The review time for an application is between 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Following the application review, the DCPD office will connect with the designated activity director and coordinator to provide application approval, financial agreement, and additional guidance for the completion of the Enduring CE activity.

Reviewing the Financial Quote Information

Simultaneously with your application submission, you may request an activity financial agreement quote.

The price for each CME activity may vary due to activity type and additional add-on services. Contact the DCPD at cpd@bcm.edu. To discuss course details and activity quote. Provide the following information in your email:

  • Activity Title
  • Activity Date(s)
  • Type of Activity (Live, Enduring, Regularly Scheduled Series). See Activity Types table for additional information.
  • Desired credit types. See the available credit types for additional information. Multiple types of credit may be selected for the activity.
  • Requested add-on services. See the Add-On Services table.

Included vs. Add-On Services: Enduring Materials


  • DCPD may offer up to three (3) email campaigns at no cost for each CE activity but can send additional email campaigns for an additional cost.
  • DCPD uses an email marketing software to design email campaigns that are email and mobile friendly.
  • The DCPD database includes learners from past CE activities and campaigns are directed to learners who fit the target audience for the activity. Additional services are available in collaboration with BCM Marketing including use of social media strategies.
    • Design promotional plan.
    • Marketing materials such as flyers, webpage, social media, email, etc. that include any CME recognition statement will need to be approved by the DCPD coordinator before distribution. The DCPD office may also provide a flyer template upon request.
    • The following elements are required on the marketing material:
      • Activity Title and Date
      • Needs Statement
      • Learning Objectives
      • Target Audience
      • Educational Methods
      • Activity Evaluation
      • Accreditation/Credit Designation
    • Additionally, learners are able to subscribe to email and text notifications when new Enduring CE activities are published on the Clinician Resources website.

Developing Activity Components and Implementing Activity

  • Based on the COI disclosure submissions, the DCPD coordinator will identify the individuals with financial relationship(s). The Course Director (or Planning Committee member designated as a proxy and who does not have a financial relationship) will be asked to review the educational content and complete a Content Review form for each presenter.
  • If the relevant financial relationship is ownership of or employment with an ineligible company, the individual must be excluded from controlling content or participating as planner or faculty in the accredited education. There are three exceptions to this exclusion where an employee of an ineligible company can participate as a planner or faculty in the following situations:
    1. When the content of the activity is not related to the business lines or products of their employer/company.
    2. When the content of the accredited activity is limited to basic science research, such as pre-clinical research and drug discovery, or the methodologies of research, and they do not make care recommendations.
    3. When they are participating as technicians to teach the safe and proper use of medical devices, and do not recommend whether or when a device is used.

  • It is the responsibility of the Activity Coordinator, Activity Director, or other designated Planning Committee Member to coordinate the activity recording and to upload the file to the designated Box or OneDrive, or other secure cloud document management platform folder.
  • Please see the Request to Videotape RSS Sessions for helpful information.

  • The activity evaluation:
    • Assesses the impact of the educational content and/or CE activity on learners’ knowledge, performance, and/or patient outcomes.
    • Measures the likelihood of implementing the learned knowledge into clinical practice.
    • Allows learners to report any perceived bias in activity’s content or in its delivery.
  • A completed activity evaluation is required in order for learners to claim CE credit and receive a certificate.

The Enduring CE activity evaluation is composed of questions that evaluate the change in learners’ knowledge after completing the activity, as well as gauge the any perceived bias in the content observed by the learner.

Peer review requirements vary depending on the type of Enduring CE activity and the length of the term of approval for accreditation. Instructions will be provided to you by your DCPD coordinator along with the application approval for the activity.

On-Demand Activities Produced from Live RSSs

  • Review the Request to Videotape RSS Sessions document.
  • Email the DCPD RSS manager to request permission to record, specifying approximately how many sessions of an existing RSS will be recorded and their proposed dates.

  • All presenters contributing to the recorded session(s) must sign and return the CCIT webcast recording use agreement to the RSS Coordinator as part of the required RSS Session Documents in advance of the recording.

  • Recorded presentations should be submitted in .MP4 or .AVI file format. Any other format must be approved by DCPD beforehand.
  • The RSS coordinator or presenter must establish how the recordings will be obtained and who will be responsible for uploading the recorded video file to the designated Box, OneDrive folder, or other secure cloud document management platform folder. Please see the Request to Videotape RSS Sessions for helpful information.

  • Submitted video files are edited by DCPD and/or BCM Audio Visual Services.
  • Edits may include:
    • Removal of copyrighted material used without written permission from the copyright owner.
    • Removal of content not related to the RSS session, such as department announcements or award ceremonies.
    • Removal of “dead space” within the recording, including long periods of no activity in the video, or corrupted video or audio.
    • Addition of the BCM logo bookends.

  • Publishing to another website in addition to making the material available via Baylor is possible—please contact the DCPD for approvals. This also requires DCPD modification of the signed BCM/CCIT webcast agreement. Otherwise, a presentation recorded with the intent of creating an on-demand Enduring activity is prohibited from being published to another website.
  • The signed CCIT webcast recording agreement completed by all presenters grants to BCM an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use, copy, reproduce, and distribute the materials for the purposes described in the agreement.

  • The term of approval for accreditation of an on-demand activity is typically two years after the presentation date, dependent on content relevancy. The term of approval is identified in the CME Information section of each activity.
  • Recorded presentations may remain on the Clinician Resources website after the term of approval for accreditation has expired, dependent on content relevancy; however, learners will no longer be able to claim credit for the completion of the activity.